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Lead free

This means you are lead free on the interior, exterior and common areas of your property.  If you have a lead-free certificate, you are done forever.  To perform a Lead Free inspection we take the XRF (XRay Fluorescence) gun and test different components throughout the house.

Limited lead free

This inspection certifies that you are lead free on the interior of unit/property but there is lead paint on the exterior of the property (or common area if it’s a multi-unit building). There can’t be any defective paint on the exterior or common areas.  If you have a limited lead free certificate you are done forever on the interior of the property, but you need to get the exterior and common areas checked for defective paint every two years. (Visual inspection only.)

Full risk reduction

This inspection consists of doing a visual inspection, looking for any defective paint (inside, outside and the basement) and then taking dust swipes to make sure there is no lead dust. Once you pass this inspection, the certificate is good until the tenant moves out, and then you have to perform the Full Risk Reduction inspection again.

Lead free / Limited lead free

Larger homes slightly more
  • With a lead free inspection, the owner receives a certificate certifying the interior and exterior of the home lead free forever.
  • The limited lead free inspection certifies that the interior of the home lead free forever.

Full risk reduction (dust swipes)

Larger homes slightly more
  • The owner receives a certificate certifying the home’s lead paint status, good until the tenant moves out.
  • This inspection incurs a $100 base fee plus $10 for every dust swipe.