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New Lead Paint Law


Effective January 1, 2015, all residential rental

properties constructed prior to 1978 must

comply with Maryland’s Lead Risk Reduction

in Housing Act.* The law requires rental

property owners to:

1. Register all their rental dwelling units every

year with the Maryland Department of the

Environment (MDE). The cost of registration

is $30;

2. Have lead paint inspections prior to changes

in tenancy; and

3. Distribute specific lead risk educational



Owners of rental properties constructed prior

to 1978.


• Protect your tenants and yourself from health

risks. The change in Maryland’s lead law

aims to reduce lead poisoning cases linked to

homes built before 1978 and to help eliminate

childhood lead poisoning in Maryland.

• The use of lead paint was prohibited in 1978,

however, reports in recent years have shown

that a significant percentage of new childhood

lead poisoning cases are linked to homes built

from 1950-1978. This law previously applied to

properties built before 1950.

Without certification and by not following

approved practices, property owners can face

fines and potential lawsuits.


Register or renew your property now through

January 1, 2015 at:



Questions on registering your property can be

directed to mde.leadreg@maryland.gov.

*This replaces the Maryland’s requirement to register properties

built before 1950